42nd Anniversary Celebration

Hello SpringHouse Friends.  Wow!  It’s hard to believe it’s been forty two years since we opened the front doors.  Can you believe I was twelve (this is Marcia)  when Mom and Dad started milking the cows, pasteurizing the milk, and opened the store within a week.  That was many moons ago.  And now, here we are, forty two years later, still milking the cows and serving the most special folks in all the world with the best crew any business could ever ask for!  Thanks for your loyalty, your praises and constructive words (both are needed for sure!), your business, and your being you.  We know we are blessed to get to serve you every day.  Come help us celebrate this “biggie”!

42 Special Specials for Our 42nd Anniversary!

Monday,  January 29

Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches- $5.42 with

purchased  hand peeled mashed potatoes

Tuesday,  January 30

$.42 off of all bagged candy

Wednesday,  January  31

Lunch Special – $4.20 with a purchased SpringHouse Drink

Thursday, February 1

Our Special Grandma’sHam Salad – $4.20/lb with purchased pan rolls

Friday, February 2

Ground Beef for Groundhog’s Day  $4.20/# w/ purchased half dozen sandwich buns

Saturday, February  3    Eat Ice Cream Day

Regular Ice Cream Cones – $2.42

Sunday, February  4     Mushroom Day

Cream of Mushroom Soup – $5/quart

Monday, February 5 Wear Red Day

Wear Red Day and Receive a Heart Shaped Cookie with Purchase of Lunch

Tuesday, February 6

Chicken Salad – $6.42/lb with purchased gallon of milk

Wednesday, February 7    Abby’s Birthday

Abby’s Favorite, Reuben’s – $4.42

Thursday, February 8

Cheese Dips – $4.20 with purchased pack of pretzels

Friday, February 9

All Sliced Desserts – $.42 off

Saturday, February 10      Tee’s Birthday

Tee’s Rice Salad – $3.42/lb

Sunday, February 11 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

All White Milk – $.42 off

Monday, February 12

Cup of soup for 1.42

Tuesday, February 13 Fat Tuesday

All Milkshakes – $3.42

Wednesday, February 14 Valentine’s Day

Valentines’ Sweetheart Dinner

Thursday, February 15 Natl Gum Drop Day

Package of Gummy Candies – $.42 off

Friday, February 16

Kid’s Cones – $.42 w/ purchased Single Cone

Saturday, February 17

Gallon of Chocolate Milk – $4.42 with purchased half dozen cookies

Sunday, February 18

Baked Ham-$4.20/ pound with purchased dozen sandwich buns

Monday, February 19 President’s Day

Cherry Crumb Pie – $10.42

Tuesday, February 20 Take Out Tuesday

10 Piece Springhouse Boneless Baked Chicken Breast – $20.42

Wednesday, February 21

Our Signature Dirtball Ice Cream Concoctions – $4.20

Thursday, February 22 Washington’s Birthday

Cherry Ice Cream – Regular Scoop $2.42

Friday, February 23

$.42 Off All Sliced Desserts

Saturday February 24

Yellow American Cheese – $5.42/lb with purchased half pound sliced meat

Sunday February 25

Springhouse Roasted Turkey – $7.42/lb

with purchase of a pound of deli salad

Monday, February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Visit with a Real Fairy! Reserve a Spot to Meet a Beautiful Fairy and Bake a Delicious Treat

Tuesday, February 27

One Package of Cookies and a Half Gallon of White Milk – $8.42

Wednesday, February 28

Free SpringHouse Drink with a Lunch (>$7)

Thursday, March 1 Peanut Butter Day

Dozen Peanut Butter Cookies – $6

Friday, March 2

Danish Butter – $7.42/lb

Saturday, March 3 Cold Cuts Day

$.42 off all lunchmeat

Sunday, March 4

Sandwich Buns $2.42/Dozen

Monday, March 5

Small Homemade Pies – $4.20

Tuesday, March 6 Take Out Tuesday

Four Large Servings of Our Delicious Chicken Gravy over Homemade Biscuits Plus Four Helpings of Our Hand Peeled Mashed Potatoes – $20.42

Wednesday, March 7

Swiss Cheese – $4.20/lb

Thursday, March 8

One Springhouse Drink and Any Sliced Dessert – $4.20

Friday, March 9

Single Cookie – $.42 each with purchase of pint SpringHouse milk

Saturday, March 10

Cupcakes – $2.42 each

Sunday, March 11

Surprise Day! Come and See What Deal We Have for the Last Day of Special Specials